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AV-8B NMP 3-22.5 Briefing
Mission Building Utilities
File Size Revised Builder Description

2.9 MB

10 JUN 00


Mission Builder Placeable Objects -The zip file contains a full off-line html package which displays on your browser images of all the Mission Builder placeable objects in an easy to access format.


49 KB

22 APR 00

Moon Walker

Updated TACAN Mission Template - This Tacan Template now works with the new patch. The TACANs are now properly set with accurate radials for ILS approach in regard to runway light headings. The vPilot must now land according to the directions of the runway lights.

File package includes:
  - Overview of template
  - Tacan template for all default airfields.
  - Airfield Map showing names of all bases, landing strip directions highlighted, and tacan numbers.
  - Airfield tactical info giving airfield name by country, actual runway headings & altitude.

Mission Builders can use this template as their Default.cmf. Our vPilots can use it for cross-country navigation and instrument landings.


2 KB

10 JAN 00


TACAN Mission Template -This is a mission file with TACAN's assigned to all the airfields/airport/airbases. Note that the TACAN numbers and abbreviations are mine. I don't have access to the real TACAN info for this area. Be sure to check the settings for the Fence-In countries.


8 KB

15 MAR 00


Mission Builder Loadouts -This is a MS Word ".doc" file containing a table of weapons, fuel tanks, ECM and FLIR pods for each of the Mission Builders default LOADOUTs. It can be printed out and used to decide which loadout is best suited to carry out an AI flight's mission.


10 KB

29 MAY 00

Erik Polta

Kneepad Lineup Form -The zip file contains a MS Word ".doc" file containing a blank, kneepad-size lineup table which can be filled out by the mission builder or printed out as a blank form to be filled out by the vPilot before flying a mission. Also in the zip file is a sample Lineup already filled out to show you what goes into each box on the form.

Here is what the sample form looks like.

Note: The form will not work in WordPad. You need to use MS Word 95/97.


800 KB

4 JUN 00


Kola Peninsula Relief Map -The zip file contains a high resolution bitmap file of the Kola Penninsula, which can be printed and used for mission planning. Also available is the original Corel Draw 8 .cdr file that has a bullseye diagram on the "objects" layer, for anyone who would like it.



18 JUN 00


Murmansk Relief Map -The zip file contains a high resolution bitmap file of the Murmansk area, which can be printed and used for mission planning. Also available is the original Corel Draw 8 .cdr file that has a bullseye diagram on the "objects" layer, for anyone who would like it.

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Mission Builder Training Articles

Setting Up A FAC
Contributed by Bob "Recluse" Tullman
The FAC (Forward Air Controller) is a spotter who directs your fire onto enemy targets. The FAC will talk you in, put smoke on the target and may illuminate the target for laser guided munitions. This tutorial will get you started placing and activating a FAC in the mission builder.

Load the Mission Builder and place a HUMAN CONTROLLED F/A-18E. This will be your aircraft. Place your aircraft about 40 nm from the place you want your FAC and targets to be. Add a waypoint to show you the way to the target area. Now lets set up the FAC:

I: Ground based FAC

Step 1: If you are planning on engaging pre-existing targets (targets present in the mission builder template) make sure you have your FENCE set so that the FAC is in enemy territory. Otherwise, be sure to designate any ground or moving targets as ENEMY

Step 2: Place a FRIENDLY structure in the target area. This can be almost anything. For now, lets use a WAREHOUSE COMPLEX, SMALL.

Step 3: Click on the FAC icon (binoculars) and click the WAREHOUSE object. You will get a dialog box for naming your FAC. After selecting a name, I like KNUCKLEHEAD, you will see a black and red flag attached to the object, indicating that this is where the FAC is stationed. NOTE: The FAC ICON DESIGNATES THE FAC HIMSELF NOT THE TARGETS THAT THE FAC WILL SPOT. IN THIS REGARD, FAC WORKS DIFFERENTLY THAN THE JSTARS ICON WHICH MUST BE PLACED OVER EACH TARGET YOU WANT THE JSTARS TO 'SEE'.

Step 4: If you haven't already, place enemy targets in the area. For this tutorial place the following:

Moving Vehicle: 4xFuelTRUCK Set to Enemy
Moving Vehicle: 1x T-72 MBT (RED RUSSIAN) Set to Enemy
Ground Target: Red Russian Bivouac (Small) Set to Enemy

Though not necessary, it is useful to desginate some or all the targets as GOALS.

Step 5: Create an EVENT to 'wake up' the FAC. This may be aTIME EVENT, AREA EVENT, USER FLAG, WAYPOINT ACTION, or any other Mission Builder event type. We'll go over an example of each of these.

When you (the PLAYER) triggers the event the FAC will be triggered. You won't hear anything from him until you go to the COMMS MENU (SHIFT-TAB) and choose FORWARD AIR CONTROLLER--->CHECK IN. This item will be unavailable (WHITED OUT) until you are within ~20 nm.


The TIME event triggers an ACTION when the time is reached. The time is in units of MINUTES FROM MISSION START. This is NOT a TIME OF DAY.

Click on EVENTS, then ADD, and choose TIME. Name the event FAC TIME. Set the TIME to 2 and select FAC from the dropdown menu of ACTIONS. This will wake up the FAC 2 minutes after mission start. Hit OK to save the event.

Refer to FAC TUTORIAL-TIME.cmf to see this arrangement. A message is also programmed to let you know when the area event has been triggered.


Click on EVENTS, then ADD, and Choose AREA EVENT. Draw the Blue Area Event box across your flight path about halfway to the target. Name the AREA EVENT: FAC START. Set the area event to PLAYER ENTERS, ONE TIME. Under ACTIONS, scroll down the drop down menu and select FAC. You needn't enter any conditions for this. Hit OK to save.

Refer to FAC TUTORIAL-AREA.cmf to see this arrangement. A message is also programmed to let you know when the area event has been triggered.


You could use either of the above events to set a USER FLAG instead of directly set the FAC action. The USER FLAG would in turn trigger the FAC action. Set up the TIME EVENT as above, but call it UF1 Set. Instead of selecting the FAC ACTION, select SET USER FLAG 1 = TRUE. Hit OK to save.

Now create ANOTHER TIME EVENT. Call it FAC START. Click the USER FLAG to make the FLAG a starting action rather than the TIME. Select FLAG 1. Now, under action, select FAC as in the TIME EVENT in A: Save the event. You now have a User Flag to trigger the FAC.

There are many reasons (beyond the scope of this tutorial) why you might want to use the 2 step process with a USER FLAG than the one step processes which do the same thing. Note that there are MANY methods of setting USER FLAGS making this a very versatile technique.

Refer to FAC TUTORIAL-FLAG.cmf to see this arrangement. A message is also programmed to let you know when the area event has been triggered.

D: Waypoint Action

The Waypoint Action of FAC is a little different. Rather than wake up the FAC, it is used to specify that the aircraft with that waypoint assumes FAC duties for a given distance. This is covered in section II below.

If you want to specify a FAC wakeup from a waypoint, you must use the 2 step method we used above and have a USER FLAG set at the waypoint which then triggers a FAC action.

Try this yourself!

Flying each of these missions should have exactly the same result, triggering the FAC availability at the time/area specified.

II. Aerial FAC

You can have an Airborne FAC as well. Prior to the 1.01f patch, I think that the S-3B and F-14 were the ONLY aircraft that could fulfill this role. They both have a loadout called FAC.

Post-patch, any aircraft can fulfill the FAC role with an appropriate waypoint action.

JayP has reported some tips for most effective use of a FAC:
The FAC seems to use the same targeting logic as AI aircraft on CAS. Ground objects will always be selected as targets first. If you want moving vehicles as targets it's best to use an airborne FAC. Place the waypoint with the FAC action close to where the enemy tanks are and specify a small effective radius, e.g. 3-5 miles.

A similar approach to using the CAS command for AI aircraft improves their effectiveness, too.

To use an airborne FAC, place an S-3B (or other aircraft) in the mission with FAC Loadout (if available, i.e. S-3B and F-14). If the aircraft is already in the target area, you can give it an INITIAL ACTION of FAC and specify the distance it is to look for targets. If the S-3B is coming in from somewhere else, set the Waypoint Action to FAC and complete the dialog box with the distance in which targets are spotted.

That's it for now! Happy Mission Building!

You can download this article and the sample missions here.


If you have comments or suggestions, email BaldEagle  or  Recluse
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