F/A-18E TACOPS & MP Links


Sunday, 24 DEC 00
New Missions | 20:15 MST
We have 2 new missions for your Christmas present. :^) The first one is from ADM Mako called "The Thief". You can download it here.

The second mission is from Gielle called "Finnish Sauna". You can download it here.

Merry Christmas from Bob "Recluse" and Fred "BaldEagle".
Thursday, 14 DEC 00
Non-linear Campaign | 22:00 MST
We received a non-linear mini campaign from jp called "Arctic Duel". You can download them here.
New Mission Set | 22:15 MST
Maverick sent us a 10-mission set that should keep you busy this weekend. You can download them here.
New Mission | 22:30 MST
14th_Hoot sent us a sequel to his "Red October" mission. You can download it here.
Wednesday, 29 NOV 00
Voice-over Training Mission | 19:00 MST
Bob "Recluse" Tullman has found time to put together another voice-over training mission. This time he is covering the use of RWS submode of the F/A-18 Air to Air Radar.

You can look at the Readme and download the mission here.
New Mission/Campaign | 18:00 MST
Stephane Caron sent us a combination of missions and a mini-campaign called "Air Training Campaign".

You can download them here.
Campaign Templates | 17:00 MST
Matt sent us the templates he used in making the Valhalla campaign. He created a base campaign constuct and mission template that enable ship tracking between missions.

You can download the templates here.
Friday, 24 NOV 00
New Mission | 06:30 MST
Just received a mission from a new contributor, Michael "14th_Hoot" Baker. The mission is called "Red October" and you can download it here.
Sunday, 5 NOV 00
New Missions | 23:00 MST
We have received 2 new missions. Actually 7 new missions. LeadTurn_SD sent another 6-mission mini-campaign called "Kuwait 2000. You can read the mission briefing here.

Bonzonie sent another mission called "Hornet's Nest". You can read the mission briefing here.
Sunday, 22 OCT 00
New Mission | 20:30 MDT
We received a mission from a new contributor, Bonzonie. He sent a mission called "Typhoon". You can read the briefing here.
Wednesday, 27 SEP 00
New Mission | 18:30 MDT
Yes, we are still here. The mission submissions have been very slow for the past few months. If any of you want to share your missions with your fellow vPilots, email them to BaldEagle

Hopefully by early November we will have Matt's new campaign for downloading. "When" depends on how much "free" time Matt has to work on it. If anybody has a campaign they want to link to from here, or put on our site, email me.

Ok. The new mission was submitted by Slick 9. It is a complex and long mission. A hardcore vPilot's delight. The briefing is too long to post here. You can read the whole briefing here. You can download the mission from here.
Friday, 25 AUG 00
New Mission | 21:30 MDT
LeadTurn_SD has sent us yet another 6-mission series called "Battle of Norway".

You can read the mission background and download the mission here.
Friday, 18 AUG 00
New Mission | 19:30 MDT
We received another mission from Tie_131st called "R.A.S. - Russian Airshow Strike". Read what it is all about here.
Saturday, 12 AUG 00
6-Mission Series | 10:00 MDT
LeadTurn_SD has sent us another 6-mission series called "Operation Black Ice".

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Here is part of the Briefing: (Sorry for the lack creativity in my posts....my brain is tired :^)).

"To allow for accurate and timely follow on strikes a USAF C-130 has been tasked with inserting SEAL teams near the FEBA. Once on the ground, these special teams will serve as Forward Air Controllers, allowing our fighters to press home the attack on dug in sites. In order to get these teams behind enemy lines they will use High Altitude, High Opening tactics whereby they will jump from the C-130 at 20,000 feet and immediately deploy their chutes. To facilitate these drops the C-130 will have to fly high and slow, leaving it extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. Your mission is to protect the "Herk" until all three teams are dropped. In order to spread the teams out behind enemy lines the C-130 will fly to three different high altitude release points, performing three different airdrops. The objective areas are on your mission map. (ALPHA, BRAVO and CHARLIE). When the last team is dropped you will hear the code word "Cheeseburger"
Saturday, 3 JUN 00
New Mission | 11:30 MST
The latest mission received is by Slider 131st called "escape". Here is part of the Briefing:

"Your flight has been downed behind enemy lines. You've managed to elude capture and make your way to Yavir where under the cover of darkness you've stolen 4 SU-27s from the lightly defended airbase. [You have to make a] dash to the closest Allied base at Kiruna, Sweden. The difficulty is that there will be no way to contact the CAPs patroling the border to Identify yourself as "friendly"...".
Default Weapons Loadout | 15:30 MST
Scott "Elf" Elson sent us a copy of the Mission Builder's Default Weapons Loadouts. It is in Word document format. You can download it here.
Monday, 29 MAY 00
New Mission | 16:30 MST
We received a mission from Erik Polta, a C-130 navigator. The mission package includes a printable kneepad lineup card, which contain the important info you need to fly his mission. Here is a portion of his briefing:

"The Air Force wishes to forward deploy a squadron of F-15Es to Kilpyavr that are currently stationed at Kirkenes. Ramp space is extremely limited there and should the enemy launch an attack, the aircraft stationed there would be extremely vulnerable. We need to take down the airfield at Kilpyavr without damaging the runway. In order to take down the Airfield in the least amount of time, with the least amount of damage, a massive tactical airdrop of the 82nd Airborne is planned.

"Your mission is three-fold. You will rendezvous with the C-130s North of Kirkenes Airfield and sweep ahead of their flight path - clearing it of enemy air defenses. Next you will ensure no enemy air interceptors are allowed to shoot down the Herks and their valuable cargo! Lastly, you must ensure the drop zone is clear of enemy threats by the time the C-130s arrive overhead."

You can find the download link on the Missions page.
Kneepad Lineup form | 17:00 MST
You can download Erik Polta's kneepad Lineup form from the MB Training page (Mission Builder page has link this page). The zip file contains a MS Word ".doc" file containing a blank, kneepad-size lineup table which can be filled out by the mission builder or printed out as a blank form to be filled out by the vPilot before flying a mission. Also in the zip file is a sample Lineup already filled out to show you what goes into each box on the form.

Here is what the sample form looks like.
Sunday, 28 MAY 00
New Mission | 21:00 MST
Recluse has contributed another mission called "Raptor Down". Here is part of the Briefing:

"The Russians have been quietly massing forces on the Finnish border. In a pre-emptive strike, USAF F-22's and F-117's based in Norway struck the Russian airbase at YAVR.

"One of the F-22 Raptors (MANTA 3-1) was damaged in the raid, and made an emergency landing at the small USMC held Forward Operating Base just over the border in Finland. Russian forces are converging on FOB X-RAY to capture the damaged Raptor, and your 2 Ship Flight of F/A-18E's must intervene and protect the F-22 until a repair crew and spare parts can be ferried in, and the Raptor returned to flight status. Another F/A-18 strike on the remaining air defenses and troop concentration at YAVR will be mounted concurrently with your mission."

You can find the download link on the Missions page.
Saturday, 27 MAY 00
New Mission | 08:30 MST
For those who enjoyed "Flying the Gauntlet", BaldEagle's "Gauntlet II" has arrived! The mission objectives are simple - destroy 3 oil tankers. The challenge is to get to the targets in one piece.

You can find the download link on the Missions page.
Friday 26 MAY 00
New Mission | 13:00 MST
We received a mission from a new enlistee mission builder. It is called "Crucibal". Here is part of the Briefing:

"NATO's air attacks on the Red Russian forces have tremendously brought the power of there forces. With the exception of a few highly guarded areas, the Red Russians have no military power left.

"Your squadron will be flying through very heavy AAA along the river inbound to target so keep low. Your target is a Bridge that is a main transport route for the red-russians and an Ammunition Factory that is the red-russians main supply of ammunition."

You can find the download link on the Missions page.
Friday, 19 MAY 00
New Mission | 09:15 MST
Our prolific mission builder, Starbuck, has sent us another mission called "Valley of Terror". Here is part of the Briefing:

"An uneventful task to take out an enemy recon unit turns into a ground hugging, tracer dodging, Valley of Terror.

Briefing: The recent deployment of enemy SCUDS has created a great deal of concern among the allies. Furthermore, stormy weather has rendered our reconnaissance efforts ineffectual. Although the SCUD cleansing campaign is still underway, a recent development demands attention."

You can find the download link on the Missions page.
New Training Mission | 10:00 MST
Our mission-building Marine pilot, Zambo, has sent us a training mission. Here is Zambo's challenge to you:

"This training mission will allow you to experience a typical Student Naval Aviator navigation training flight. You must locate your push point, push on time, and use heading and groundspeed control in order to hit each waypoint on your route without the benifit of your inertial navigation system. You must destroy the target within 20 seconds of your TOT and safely land in order to be successful."

You can find the download link on the Training page.
Saturday, 13 MAY 00
New Mission | 16:30 MST
Our next mission is Recluse's first non-training mission. Here is the "High Seas" lead-in:

"As tensions rise between the Blue Russian government and the Red Russian separatists, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan Carrier Battlegroup plys the icy ocean. A garbled distress call received from an Oil Tanker in the Norwegian Sea....The Battlegroup dispatches a small task force to investigate.... a flight of 2 F/A-18E's is sent to provide air cover JUST IN CASE."

You can find the mission brief and download link on the Missions page.
New Mission | 21:00 MST
The third mission is from Zambo. It is a sequel to his "IADS" mission called "Sputnik's Revenge". Here is the mission objective:

"Tomahawk strikes on a satellite uplink station have failed to destroy two of the three dishes at this facility. Tuna 81 is tasked with destroying the remaining two dishes in order to prevent the flow of critical information throughout the Red Russian military. Both dishes must be destroyed within 1 minute of your TOT for mission success."
Friday, 12 MAY 00
New Mission | 23:30 MST
There will be several missions released this weekend. The first is another one from Starbuck called "Collateral Peril". You can find the mission brief and download link on the Missions page.
Friday, 5 MAY 00
Mission Corrected | 12:30 MST
Some of you may have noticed that the Night and Stormy versions of "Flying the Gauntlet" looked like the Day version. They were the same! My screw up. I have corrected the time & weather for these missions. Sorry for the inconvenience..
Horn Tooting | 12:45 MST
An article by Denny Atkin called "Mastering the F/A-18" in the June issue of Computer Games magazine contains several paragraphs about our site! Thanks Denny for your recognition of this site's contribution to the Jane's F/A-18 community.
Saturday, 29 APR 00
New Mission | 21:45 MST
Starbuck has sent us another mission filled with special effects and surprises. Here is the Brief: Intelligence has learned the enemy is moving its Kuznetsov class SV carrier further in the channel. A quick plan has been thrown together to lay mines in a narrow part of the channel. You and your wingman are to provide air cover for the S-3B dropping the mines.
Saturday, 22 APR 00
Updated TACAN Mission/Template | 10:30 MST
Moon Walker has updated his TACAN mission/template to work with the patch's fix of the runway lights. The TACANs are now properly set with accurate radials for ILS approach in regard to runway light headings. The vPilot must now land according to the directions of the runway lights. You can download the package, which contains an Overview, Airfield map & tactical info and the .cmf mission file, here.
Sunday, 16 APR 00
Debriefing & Campaign Article | 16:30 MST
Tom "Tailspin" Jones has contributed an excellent article titled "Ending A Mission, Generating the Debrief and Linking the Results to Your Campaign". You can read the article here or download the Word format version here. For the adventurer, link to the Mission Builder page, then to the Tips & Hints section.
Saturday, 15 APR 00
New Missions | 06:30 MST
Starbuck sent 2 of his simple, but well timed missions for your weekend enjoyment. You can download them from the Missions Page. Click on the "Starbuck" index link, at the top of the page, to get to his mission files.
Friday, 7 APR 00
Patch is Here! | 16:00 MST
The patch is available for download at SimHq. Use thislink to download it.
Sunday, 2 APR 00
AV-8B Briefing Guide | 00:30 MST
Zambo sent me a copy of part of the NMP 3-22.5 Briefing Guide to use for the Mission Builder's Briefing Guide I am writing. You can look at the pages here or follow the link on the MB Training section.
Friday, 31 MAR 00
New Mission | 11:30 MST
Chris Klein sent two fur-ball missions: FA-18 vs. Mig-29 and FA-18 vs Mig-29 vs Su-27. You can place up to 8 pilots per flight. The mission objective is to survive.
New Mission | 20:30 MST
Dot sent us another of his missions. This time it involves a coordinated pre-strike on a command and control center, preparing the way for a B-52 stike. There is also a multiplayer enhanced version (6 flyable flights).
Monday, 27 MAR 00
New Mission | 22:00 MST
Zambo sent us a very well done mission. For those vPilots who feel they are not given enough information about the mission in the briefing, this mission's briefing has it all. Here is the mission summary:

The operational phase of battle has begun. The Joint Force Air Componant Commander (JFACC) has decided to use the Carrier Battle Group to attack the northern sector while F-117s from Norway attack the southern sector. The primary goal is to destroy the Russian Tin Shield EW Radar sites around Murmansk. You are tasked with leading Tuna 61, a flight of 8 F/A-18Es into the heart of the Russian air defenses.
Sunday, 26 MAR 00
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Timber expresses some ideas about designing and testing a mission in the MB "Tips & Hints" section.
Friday, 18 FEB 00
Campaign Article | 20:00 MST
Tom "Tailspin" Jones has written an article covering the steps he and Timber went through to design a campaign for F/A-18. For those of you who are thinking of building a campaign, Tailspin's article is a must to read. Click here to read the article.
Wednesday, 16 FEB 00
Site Update | 16:00 MST
Finally got the Mission Builder's Page working. On the main MB page you will find 2 navigation bars. On the left is the complete MB Toolbar. When it is completed, clicking on a button will display an explanation of the function of the button and how to use it. The navigation bar under the logo leads you to 5 sections: FAQ, Scenario Ideas, Tip & Hints, Mission Builder Training and the MB Forum.
FAQ Articles | 17:00 MST
Two articles have been added to the FAQ section. One gives instructions on how to capture, resize and crop screenshots to fit in the Objectives windows. The second article covers the configuration of the Overview Area displayed on the Mission Briefing screen.
Scenario Idea | 19:30 MST
In the Scenario Ideas section on the MB Page there are references used by Tailspin & Timber in planning their upcoming Finland campaign.
Sunday, 13 FEB 00
Reminder | 09:00 MST
Remember tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Give your SOWMBO something special so she/he will let you continue to build missions and fly. :^))
New Page | 09:30 MST
MadNurse sent a great suggestion for a new webpage. Here's a snippet from his email:
"Something else that I think might be nice would be a "Scenario Repository." This would be an area where people could place "scenarios" for missions. Then, those who have the time/ability/interest to develop missions, could pull from those ideas and create the missions. ... It would be nice if some real hornet pilots could provide some scenarios based upon frags that they have flown or practiced flying."
I will get a page set up early this week. Please email me a full description of a scenario you think would make a great mission.
Saturday, 12 FEB 00
Mission Template | 13:00 MST
A mission template file with a TACAN attached to all the airfields and the carrier is located on the MB Training page. This template was provided by BaldEagle.
Friday, 11 FEB 00
Campaign | 15:45 MST
Word from the Campaign Builder's and CJ is that the Mission Builder's (MB) "link" button to the Campaign Builder (CB) will be enabled in the next patch, which MAY be available by the end of March. Notice the big, bold MAY? The patch will be ready when it is ready, as the saying goes. :^D
Missons | 15:30 MST
Recluse is planning for his next Training Mission. He has in mind to do one of the following:

      Sensor Walkaround - AGFLIR, AGRADAR, EW PAGE

      Mavericks: E, F, G


If you have a preference for one of the above to been first or other suggested Training Missions, post them on the Forum.

Forum | 14:00 MST
Speedbrake has brought up a question about putting "static" aircraft on the carrier deck. Do any of you know how to put "display" aircraft on the deck? Have any of you seen in any missions where "static" carrier aircraft are used? If you have any input that may shed light on this problem, please go over to the forum and post your thoughts.
Site Update | 09:30 MST
Changed the order of the News section to latest news on top. I thought about that after I had signed off last night. Looked logical in the HTML code. :^)) Thanks for catching it Starbuck.
Thursday, 10 FEB 00
Site Update | 20:45 MST
Between now and Monday this site is going to experience many changes and additions. When you come back, be sure to "reload" each of the pages, to force your browser to read from the server and not from cache. Bob and I are trying to build this site into a comfortable home for mission builders. In the future we will be adding "How to do..." and FAQ sections. These section will be regularly update as new info it gather from you. We are also putting together a tutorial for "novices" in order to bring more simmers into the mission builders fold. :^) Thank you for dropping by. Ya'll come back, hear?
Wednesday, 9 FEB 00
New Mission | 08:15 MST
Three versions of "Flying the Gauntlet" are available for download on the Missions page. Take a look at them. They are a hoot to fly.
Site Update | 10:30 MST
Added a forum for discussion, questions, tips, etc. concerning mission building and, when it becomes available, campaign building.
Site update |17:00 MST
Put up some links on the Links page. If you have a mission building relate site, send me info about your site and its URL.
Sunday, 6 FEB 00
New Mission | 22:00 MST
Go to the Training Page to download Recluse's training missions.

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