F/A-18E Mission Builder Tutorial && Help
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Navigating the Mission Builder Section
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To return to this page, click on the yellow "Mission Builder" banner at the top of the toolbar.
To return to the TACOPS home page, click on the "EXIT" button.
To find out how to use a MB toolbar function, click on its button on the toolbar.
Mission Builder Navigation Bar (under logo)
Click on the FAQ button to visit the FAQ page to read "How to do..." articles.
Click on the Scenario Ideas button to read contributors ideas for a great mission.
Click on the Tips & Hints button to read contributors tips and hint on how to get things to work. How to make your mission more realistic looking. Getting around those pesky MB quirks.
Click on the MB Training button to find downloadable mission files along with explanations of how to use selected MB functions.
Click on the MB Forum button to read or contribute questions and info about mission building.
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