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29 NOV 00

Campaign Templates
  Matt sent us the templates he used in making the Valhalla campaign. He created a base campaign constuct and mission template that enable ship tracking between missions.:

You can download the templates here.

4 MAR 00

Campaign Builder text compression tool.
  Matt sent out a text compression tool for the Campaign Builder. He is what he said about the tool:

"Using the attached tool, it will be possible to create custom text files (in .txt format) for user created campaigns. Currently, the CTEXTE.CMP file (found in the FA-18\Campaign\Data directory) contains all the text files for the campaign in a compressed format. Note that the CTEXTE.CMP file is the English version and CTEXTG.CMP file is the German version.

Once the builder has written all the needed text files and has tied them into the campaign using unique descriptions, the builder will need to use the compression tool to compress all the original text files as well as the newly created ones and call this file CTEXTE.CMP (be sure to back up the original). If the original campaign text files are not included, the game will crash if you attempt to run the original campaign. You'll find the original text files in the attached file entitled CAMPTEXTS.ZIP.

Note: The utility uses a common .dll that is frequently updated and distributed by Microsoft products including Internet Explorer and Outlook. Testing has revealed that certain versions of the .dll do not permit adding more than approximately 20 files at catalog creation time.

Feel free to distribute these files as you see fit."

Matt Wagner
Electronic Arts
Designer / Jane's F/A-18

You can download the Text compressing tool and original campaign text here.

23 FEB 00

Campaign Builder discussions on Onelist...
  CJ posted on Recluse's FA-18 Forum on Onlist.com. answering a question from Jon Bigg:

Jon Bigg asked:
"Has any light been shed on how to get the campaign text files incorporated into custom campaigns?"

CJ replied:
"Ok, here's the deal...it's not something we can patch, but it is something we can release a workaround for. Remember, the campaign builder is an unsupported feature. If we "fix" it, that means test has to test it...and the builder was never intended for that kind of attention."

"But we are putting together an unsupported workaround (actually, it's another in house tool). Matt is in the process of writing up how make all this work now. We'll have some more info on this soon."

19 FEB 00

Version 0.91a Campaign Builder User Manual
  Pete "Pigmy" Marone has put together, with the input from others, a preliminary version of the "official" unofficial Campaign Builder user Manual. You can read it here or you can download it along with a sample campaign file built by Pete.

18 FEB 00

Getting Started Designing A Campaign
  Tom "Tailspin" Jones has written an article covering the steps he and Timber went through to design a campaign for F/A-18. For those of you who are thinking of building a campaign, Tailspin's article is a must to read. Click here to read the article.

10 FEB 00

"Unavailable" Mission Builder button to be unlocked...
  The boyz of Baltimore said that they will re-enable the Campaign Goal assignment screen in the patch. This will allow us to map any mission goal to a campaign goal. My guess is that it is the "Campaign" link button displayed on the toolbar to your right. :^) We'll have to wait and see which one.

10 FEB 00

Campaign Builder discussions on Onelist...
  There are CB threads on Recluse's FA-18 Forum on Onlist.com.  If you want to review them, click on the link, join the Forum and click on "Archives". The participants are Pete "Pigmy" Marone, Tom "Tailspin" Jones, Gary Flyer and CJ.



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